Veronika Mayer

Musician, Composer, Sound artist

live performing projects



Theresa Dinkhauser – clarinets
Veronika Mayer – laptop
Laura Pudelek – cello


Veronika Mayer – laptop, live electronics
Gobi Drab – recorders, voice

pic © fraufeld. live @ echoraum, Vienna, 2020

Gobi Drab (Blockflöten, Stimme) und Veronika Mayer (Laptop, Live-Elektronik) bewegen sich stilistisch zwischen freier Improvisation und Neuer Musik. Sie erschaffen bewegte Klangtexturen aus Instrument, Stimme und Elektronik, ihre Musik erhält lyrischen Charakter durch die Verwendung von Sprachlauten und verbaler Rhythmik und steht im Spannungsfeld zwischen klanglicher Ergänzung und klanglichem Kontrast durch die Besetzung des Duos.

junk & the beast

Veronika Mayer – electronics, accordion
Petr Vrba – trumpet, clarinet, electronics

live @ GVUO, Ostrava

A spontaneous open air jam session in the middle of Austria´s beautiful nowhere around Nickelsdorf was the starting point for the artistic collaboration of the composer and sound artist Veronika Mayer and the musician Petr Vrba.
Experimenting with air, beat frequencies and the subtle meandering of combination tones and smooth changes in intonation, the duo junk & the beast creates a stirring atmosphere with their mixture of acoustic instruments and electronic sound generators. Concentrated on the essence, they reach a radical clarity in transitions of dense to porous episodes and tension to release.

–> NEW RELEASE September 2017: trailer ℗ 2017 Mikroton Recordings
–> get release

–> NEW RELEASE January 2017: eleven breathing iced dogs ℗ 2017 Small Forms
–> get release
–> watch video by Anna Bertsch

–> junk & the beast on soundcloud
–> junk & the beast: A.I.R. pressure @ Radiocustica

Conny Zenk & Veronika Mayer
audio-visual improvisation

Conny Zenk – visuals
Veronika Mayer – electronics

video still zucken © conny zenk

Conny Zenk (visuals) and Veronika Mayer (electronics) are performing as a duo since 2012 – developing their audio-visual language and compositions in an ongoing collaborating research. Digital distortion of noise generates oscillations of sound, deep colours and linear movements – constantly changing, sampling and rescanning.
Veronika Mayer and Conny Zenk are realising their installative works with a site-specific and improvisational approach. All of their works, improvised live-performances as well as audio-visual installations, have a strong focus on temporality, which is created by their audio-visual layers themselves.

–> audio-visual installation mobile_migration, Tanzquartier, Vienna, 2016
–> audio-visual installation bastardCROWD[mobile], AIL, Vienna, 2015
–> live at Velak Export, Cinema Nova, Brussels, 2015


Wolfgang Fuchs – turntables
Veronika Mayer – electronics
Lale Rodgarkia-Dara – literature, electroacoustics

pic © lisbeth kovacic. live @ 17 jahre, brut

der kurze moment der freiheit von jeglicher risikoabwaegung absehen zu koennen, unklar das ergebnis;
der schutt aus dem wir die zukunft lesen wollen ist irritierend.
magere ausgeloeste folgenabschaetzungsversuche.
stellvertreterkriegssonaten hallen durch Europa.

Duo Lale Rodgarkia-Dara & Veronika Mayer

Lale Rodgarkia-Dara – electronics, voice, sansula
Veronika Mayer – electronics

pic © markus gradwohl. live @ club moozak, fluc

In their duo the two viennese sound artists create relaxed murmurs, subtle noise and vibrating in-between spaces. Lale Rodgarkia-Dara is cooking with electroacoustic soundscapes, elements of her own literature as well as the fancy analogue instrument sansula while Veronika Mayer is focused on the striking results of very smooth and minimal changes in sound modulation and observes the slightest differences and variations during these processes of manipulation.

–> listen on soundcloud

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