Veronika Mayer

Musician, Composer, Sound artist

junk & the beast

Veronika Mayer – electronics, accordion
Petr Vrba – trumpet, clarinet, electronics

live @ GVUO, Ostrava

A spontaneous open air jam session in the middle of Austria´s beautiful nowhere around Nickelsdorf was the starting point for the artistic collaboration of the composer and sound artist Veronika Mayer and the musician Petr Vrba.
Experimenting with air, beat frequencies and the subtle meandering of combination tones and smooth changes in intonation, the duo junk & the beast creates a stirring atmosphere with their mixture of acoustic instruments and electronic sound generators. Concentrated on the essence, they reach a radical clarity in transitions of dense to porous episodes and tension to release.

–> NEW RELEASE September 2017: trailer ℗ 2017 Mikroton Recordings
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–> NEW RELEASE January 2017: eleven breathing iced dogs ℗ 2017 Small Forms
–> get release
–> watch video by Anna Bertsch

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–> junk & the beast: A.I.R. pressure @ Radiocustica