Veronika Mayer

Musician, Composer, Sound artist

Conny Zenk & Veronika Mayer
audio-visual improvisation

Conny Zenk – visuals
Veronika Mayer – electronics

video still zucken © conny zenk

Conny Zenk (visuals) and Veronika Mayer (electronics) are performing as a duo since 2012 – developing their audio-visual language and compositions in an ongoing collaborating research. Digital distortion of noise generates oscillations of sound, deep colours and linear movements – constantly changing, sampling and rescanning.
Veronika Mayer and Conny Zenk are realising their installative works with a site-specific and improvisational approach. All of their works, improvised live-performances as well as audio-visual installations, have a strong focus on temporality, which is created by their audio-visual layers themselves.

–> audio-visual installation mobile_migration, Tanzquartier, Vienna, 2016
–> audio-visual installation bastardCROWD[mobile], AIL, Vienna, 2015
–> live at Velak Export, Cinema Nova, Brussels, 2015