Veronika Mayer

Musician, Composer, Sound artist


raumbezogene Installation für die Galerie Skolská 28, Prag

sound installation
site-specific installation for Skolská 28 Gallery, Prague

friendly supported by BKA Sektion Kunst & SKE

Discovering space, experiencing space, engaging with space. Transforming space.
Focusing on essential aspects of light, the gallery space becomes an acoustic projection of levels of light intensity, brightness and colors. The measurement of light frequencies in real time produces audible signals which change in correspondence with shadows, clouds, the movements of the sun, and the use of artificial light. Numerous sensors are placed throughout the space, continuously calculating and providing realtime data which creates a continually shifting soundscape. This soundscape reflects an analogue of light with sound in patterns of changing spectra and intensities. Visitors also interact through their presence in the installation space.

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