Veronika Mayer

Musician, Composer, Sound artist


audio-visuelle Installation
Veronika Mayer: 4-Kanal Sound
Conny Zenk: 4-Kanal Videoprojektion, Visuals
Tanzquartier Wien, Scores No.11, 22.+23. April 2016

audiovisual installation
Veronika Mayer: 4-channel sound
Conny Zenk: 4-channel video projection, visuals
Tanzquartier Vienna, Scores No.11, April 22nd+23rd, 2016

full documentation:

The audiovisual installation mobil[e]_migration is an artistic work engaging with the current topic of worldwide migration. It´s focal point is the smartphone as an integral part of the experience of migration and of routes of escape.

The audiovisual material derives from interviews with migrants who arrived in Vienna. We guided the interviews in a performative format with a clear choreographic structure, using performance techniques with smartphones which have been tested already in previous works. The developed result is a choreography during which interviewers as well as interviewed people act both performing and observing: with the smartphone as a camera they are moving together through the space, filming, talking, following the given structures.

Movements, dialogues, the surrounding spaces and noises are recorded with smartphones simultaneously by all participants. Every moment is documented in various perspectives, each camera position shows individual differences. This creates an atmosphere sometimes oppressively close and intimate, the view through the smartphone nevertheless can offer protection.

Video and audio recordings created during these interviews as well as stored pictures and musical data, which were provided by migrants for mobil[e]_migration, is then artistically edited and processed. By abstraction of digital graphic layers and electronic sound modulation a superimposition of real stories, videos and the presentation of digital data flow is created, resulting in independent portraits, which form a homogenous whole if shown as a series. Each story celebrates a public anonymity which becomes a intense moment of intimate awareness through time expansion in video and sound.

The interviews were done at the house for migrants at Vordere Zollamtsstraße (VoZo) in Vienna with migrants living there in 2015/16. It´s a documentation of their temporal living space at the VoZo.

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