Veronika Mayer

Musician, Composer, Sound artist


audio-visuelle Installation
Veronika Mayer (4-kanal Sound)
Conny Zenk (6-kanal Videoprojektion, Visuals)
Symposium “The datafication of the public sphere”
Angewandte Innovation Laboratory 7.-16.Mai 2015, Wien

audiovisual installation
Veronika Mayer (4-channel sound)
Conny Zenk (6-channel video projection, visuals)
Symposium “The datafication of the public sphere”
Angewandte Innovation Laboratory May 7th-16th 2015, Vienna

The performative installation bastardCROWD[mobile] is part of an ongoing work in progress of choreographer and performer Daniel
Aschwanden and media artist Conny Zenk. It uses the text “Bastard Culture” by media theorist Mirko Schäfer as a starting point for
investigating and questioning the everyday use of smartphones.
The “Selfie”-culture is only one phenomenon in the context of virally spreading digital communication devices. By extensive use of the
communication devices we apparently voluntarily surrender ourselves to self-surveillance and quantification. The production of “selfies” as a
self-related practice as well as the integration into an anonymous mass likewise take place. Connected in all-embracing networks, whose
individual exponents allow personal data to stream into gigantic virtual techno-landscapes controlled by state authorities and multinational
corporations. This project examines the implications of a rapidly increasing digitalization of society and questions the limits of participation.
It also asks for options how to embrace and learn about technologies when it comes to monitoring, controlling and exploiting.

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